George Key Rings in the Holidays with Music and a Tile Mosaic

George Key celebrated the holidays with songs and fun, as they presented a show for parents and friends. Students danced and played instruments, as the audience clapped along. There were smiles galore and happy tears aplenty!
As part of the celebration, Johnny McBride "The Tile Guy" donated supplies and his services to make a beautiful ceramic tile with each student and their family. Tiles were created to represent each family, complete with Disney buttons, International coins, engraved tiles. Each one was designed for and by George Key students. Johnny McBride came back over the break and installed a gorgeous tile mosaic in the front courtyard of the school. This will be a lasting memory for George Key students, staff and families. He also added a beautiful border to our George Key sensory wall. Thank you, Johnny, for your time, talents, and generous donation.
The day ended with a surprise visit from Santa. Since Santa knows our students so well, he left the candy canes at the North Pole, and brought a homemade scarf for EVERY student. The students smiled from ear to ear as they snuggled up to this very special visitor.
We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and invite you to come see our new Tile Mosaic at George Key School. Thanks again to Johnny McBride, "The Tile Guy".